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What is it?

An Autotest involves completing a set course, usually laid out using cones or markers, in the quickest time possible. Competitors tackle the course one at a time and need to use handbrake turns, powerslides and reverse flicks to secure the best time. The event has several courses with competitors getting two attempts at each. Our events are run on grass which avoids excess wear to tyres and makes manoeuvres that bit easier.

What do I need?

Autotests are one of the easiest events to participate in. All you'll need is a membership & a car! No special equipment is required and as our events are run on grass there's no need for spare tyres. The vast majority of competitors compete in their everyday car which they drive to and from the event.

What does it cost?

Event costs vary depending on the organising club but our events are great value at around £20 for an all day event. Eastbourne and Ram run autotests from May through to October.

When's The Next Event?

Check our 'Events Calendar' page to find our next event.

How Can I Enter?

Entries can be made online or by a postal entry.  These can be found on the dedicated event page.

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