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Production Car Trials

What is it?

Car Trials (formerly known as Production Car Trials PCT's) are a low speed, high skill motorsport. Drivers compete over a number of hills, aiming to climb all the courses without stopping or hitting penalty markers, the markers start with a 12 and go down to zero at the top of the course. The overall winner is the driver with the least amount of penalties. Each car is required to carry a passenger (Bouncer), who aids the driver in finding that vital piece of grip to keep the car climbing up the slippery slopes.

What do I need?

All you need to participate in a car trial is a road worthy car and a club membership.

What does it cost? 

Event costs vary depending on the organising club but expect to pay between £10 to £15.

When's The Next Event? 

Check our calendar page for upcoming event dates.

How Can I Enter? 

Details will be published closer to the event date.

Car Trials: About Us
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